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Hotstuff - Älmhult, Sweden

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Hot Stuff offers items of different music styles. Among Synth you are able to buy Gothic, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Techno-CDs, T-Shirts and Posters. But you may also find some rare pieces in the second-hand section.

The guys at Hot Stuff are very reliable and handle each order with care.
I prefer to order with MasterCard, as it is the cheapest way for external payments.

A Different Drum - Utha, USA

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A Different Drum is a business with several functions:
First, it is an online synthpop music store where fans of the genre can find more of the music they love from the independent and import markets.
Second, it is a synthpop music label that gathers talented bands from around the world to support their efforts in creating and releasing more of their quality music in the market.
Third, A Different Drum is a wholesale distributor which sells synthpop music to other stores and that has ongoing trade with similar distributors and stores overseas.

Some of ADD's label bands are:
Faith Assembly, COSMICITY, Intuition, Real Life, The Dignity Of Labour, and many more ...

Todd Durrant, who is the label-owner is a very reliable and kind salesman who handles each order with care.


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EPOPLAND is a business which combines the divisions Label, Management, Publishing and Booking. It is managed by Lorenz Macke who accompanied De/vision as manager for several years.
Lorenz Macke is also responsible for huge number of SynthPoP releases of his label Synthetic Product Records.
EPOPLAND also includes an online-shop that provides SynthPoP CDs, merchandise and tickets. Lorenz Macke accepts both prepayment or PayPal.

Kinetic Response - Alberta, Canada

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Kinetic Response (Canada) wants to deliver high quality electronic music whether Industrial, New Wave, or Synthpop. While delivering this music to listeners they also hope to give those musicians who are as of yet undiscovered, an outlet for their music. So Kinetic Response as both a label and store hope to give you an opportunity to create and listen to some of the finest music made, from yesterday and today.

Kinetic Response accept Visa and MasterCard.

Hand Held Halo Productions - UK

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Hand Held Helo Productions is a brand new Label that sell music online and that is always looking to expand their reputation as an active Label in the electronic music scene. Their Homepage provides a lot of MP3s for downloading.

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