SynthPoP For The Masses

... with favorite beer

In my right hand I hold a bottle of my favorite beer called "Kapsreiter".

Me together with two nice girls at the marriage eve of my friend Rene.

Sitting in the Captains Chair at the Star Trek Convention in Vienna in July 1999.
Number One, make it so!

Horst Werner Schneider

Steinacker 5 A
6850 Dornbirn
AUSTRIA, Vorarlberg

+43 (0)5572 51517

+43 (0)676 6416786

Microsoft Messenger:
(replace "xxxx" with 'msn'!)


Date of birth:
1st August 1972

Favorite music:
SynthPoP (especially De/vision, Mesh, The Nine, Colony 5, Absorber, and many more ...), 80s music, New Wave

Favorite food:
Schnitzel, Italian (Lasagne, made by Mum and Pizza Speciale), Chinese

Favorite drink:
Beer, Sparkling Wine - Champagne, Coke Light, Red Bull energy drinks

Favorite movies, series:
Star Trek TNG (The First Contact, Nemesis), Voyager, Enterprise
Babylon 5 by Michael Straczynski
Star Wars Episode I + II
Movies by David Lynch (Lost Highway, Mullholand Drive)
Lords Of The Rings
Band Of Brothers (produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg)

Star Trek, Skiing with Snow Blades, Computers,
Hifi & Video (
PC-Games (Star Wars Battlefront, HL2, Counter-Strike:Source, Battlefield 2)

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